In addition to single client projects, EnerChemTek, Inc. invest heavily in research resources to generate knowledge and insight relevant to business and government organizations that can be acquired as multiclient products. Our offerings under this category include three types of products:

·         Newsletters, providing monthly analysis of relevant energy and petrochemical issues.

·         Off-the-shelf generic topical studies, developed as written reports informing on relevant issues of the energy and petrochemical industries.

·         Syndicated in-depth studies. These research studies are aimed at generating fresh perspectives and ideas for decision makers of the business community and government organizations on the evolving energy and chemical industries.

        Research might include, for example, proprietary views on how relevant energy technologies are expected to evolve and what potential effects they can have across countries, industrial sectors and/or specific companies.


The methodologies utilized by EnerChemTek to gather information and generate meaningful knowledge and insight, through research reports include both, primary research techniques as well as secondary techniques. Primary research sources include in-depth discussions and in-person or telephone interviews with industry or business function experts, surveys, and use of proprietary models. Secondary techniques include analyses of official and non-official documents, other publications such as books, articles from specialized magazines, annual reports, web-based information, and statistics from governmental and private organizations.

EnerChemTek has build capabilities to assemble intelligence on the Mexican energy and chemical markets and soon will start promoting the sale of its syndicated and multiclient products that can be accessed online or via other electronic means.

Recently Completed and Upcoming Reports:

Click on the links below to access these reports' summary descriptions and the table of contents

PETCOKE - 2005 Edition

·         Petroleum Coke: Regional Market Outlook and Implications for Mexican Process Industries


·         Bi-Modal Polyethylene Processes - An in depth evaluation and comparison of processes to make bimodal polyethylene


·         LyondellBasell’s New bimodal polyethylene process: The ultimate Evolution?

UHMW-PE 2008 Edition

·         Opportunities In Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene - An Analysis of Business Opportunities in the Production and Marketing of UHMW-PE 

UHMW-PE 2011 Edition

·         Opportunities In Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene: The Industry Revival

UHMW-PE 2016 Edition

·         Opportunities in UHMWPE: The Continuing Evolution

EnerChemTek Prospectus: Polyethylene Processes

·          A comparison of all PE production economics across all leading processes


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