Dr. Robert M. Cutler, Principal Consultant at EnerChemTek, Inc., has has over a quarter-century of hands-on experience of negotiation and conflict-resolution, design and implementation, planning and execution, and evaluation and instruction. Based in Montreal and Brussels, concentrating largely in the energy sector, he specializes in political and project risk analysis, organizational design, and construction of negotiation strategies, these expertises frequently overlapping as in the following representative assignments:

· Advisor to a major international financial house for identifying investment opportunities in the region of the Caspian Sea basin, with special attention to the energy and energy-related sectors.

· Consultant (to the special assistant to the president of a major international oil and gas exploration and development company) for evaluating geopolitical and financial risks involved in choice among export pipeline routes from the Caspian Sea basin to world markets, and also on negotiating strategies concerning such routes.

· Consultant (to the special assistant to the president of a major North American think tank in international affairs) regarding the organization's activities in cooperation with international energy companies and consortia: also acted as rapporteur for a series of high-level meetings while also preparing background briefing materials.

· Principal team member in a major European policy organization's study on problems of energy development and pipeline construction in the former Soviet areas: specialized in issues of organizational design and development together with institutional implications of proposed security architectures. (Recommendations were later fully integrated into a policy report of a major committee of the European Parliament.)

· Chief organizational designer of an international inter-parliamentary institution providing support to an international judicial tribunal: included acting as rapporteur, preparing background documentation, negotiating divergent bureaucratic interests.

· Chief organizational designer and head of implementation team for channels of communication to improve institutional policy making within and around the office of the president of a major American university.

· Designed, planned and organized various conferences and workshops, mediating multiple competing bureaucratic interests, following through with reports, etc. The same for individual analytical projects.

· Key team member guiding organizational takeoff of a new international policy/academics organization: formulated and implemented a strategy for developing inter-institutional linkages and cooperation with other associations (professional, nongovernmental, intergovernmental); principal in developing its publication activities and organizing its annual conference.

· Team participant in design and evaluation of instructional programs for North American institutions of higher education.

Dr. Cutler has an extensive administrative, consulting and academic international experience. He has held research and teaching positions at major universities in the United States, Canada, France, Switzerland, and Russia. He has also participated in administrative and consulting international projects in countries such as Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan.

Dr. Cutler studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (B.Sc., Political Science, 1974), then Geneva Graduate Institute of International Studies (Gallatin Fellow, History and International Politics, 1979–80) and finally University of Michigan (Ph.D., International Relations, 1982), followed by postdoctoral fellowships at Moscow State University and Columbia University. He is fluent in English (native language), and French; has good command of Russian; has proficient reading level in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese; and has basic understanding of German.

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Office Location: Montreal, Canada; and Brussels, Belgium

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