Mr. Vasant Lambu began his career as a process design engineer at Foster Wheeler Corporation, New Jersey, U.S.A., a leading firm specializing in the design and construction of petroleum refineries globally. He is currently a Regional Director and Market Manager with EnerChemTek, Inc. in India and has nearly 30 years of experience in the oil, gas and chemical industries. After his return to India, he worked in private sector firms. In 1984, he started his own company specializing in the manufacture of equipment for industrial water and wastewater treatment. Since 1994, he has been working with several international consulting and market research firms specializing in the oil and gas sectors. Since 1995, he has developed a database on the Indian Oil and Gas Industry and useful contacts in the downstream segments. Chemie Search is a proprietary consulting firm started by him. Mr. Lambu has conducted a wide variety of consulting assignments related to techno-economic assessments and market analyses for chemicals, as well as deregulation, and business opportunities in the Indian downstream energy sectors.

Mr Lambu has completed a wide variety of consulting assignments involving energy and petrochemical players. Examples include:

· Indian Petrochemicals Markets

- A continuing study of the Indian Petrochemicals markets covering all listed petrochemicals manufacturers, demand and supply projections, new capacities, and an analysis of the economic and chemical industry business environment.

· Oxo-Alcohols Manufacture

- For a leading petrochemicals manufacturer, Chemie Search conducted a techno-economic pre-feasibility study. Various manufacturing processes were assessed, regional supply and demand analysis and forecasts were considered, including likely new capacities coming up in the ASEAN region.

· Indian Surface Coatings Market Study.

- For a US based surface coatings manufacturer, carried out a detailed research of the Indian surface coatings' market including an assessment of the prevailing technologies in use. The study also addressed the issue of the market being influenced by the presence of a very large number of domestic players operating in limited geographical territories.

· Phosphorous Derivatives

- Assessment of the export possibilities of phosphorous derivatives into the ASEAN and Asia Pacific regions.

· Methylene Chloride

- Domestic demand and supply study of methylene chloride and its uses in various industries. This study was carried out for the European office of a leading US multinational consulting firm.

· Acetic Acid and Derivatives

- Multi-client study undertaken on behalf of an international market research firm. Both local and export market potential were assessed up to the year 2008.

· Ethylene Amines

- A study of the Indian market for amine-based chemicals used in textile, pesticide, organic chemicals and allied industries. Assessment of the market potential up to the year 2008.

· N-Methyl Pyrrolidone

- Assessment of the imports of n-methyl pyrrolidone used in petroleum processing and other chemical industries in India.

· Indian Plastics Industry

- A market study of the Indian plastics industry covering the entire range of bulk plastic manufacture, end use, demand and supply projections over a 10 year span. The study also included an assessment of the impact of environmental considerations affecting this industry. This study was carried out on behalf of a leading American manufacturing firm which was finalizing an Asia Manufacturing Strategy prior to making investment decisions.

· Pharmaceutical Companies' merger

- A multinational pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals manufacturing company was conducting a threat perception and impact assessment study on the possibilities of the merger of two Europe based specialty chemicals manufacturers. Both the firms had been operating in India and owned manufacturing, research and development and extensive marketing assets.

· Indian Agro Foods processing

- A study of the Indian agro food processing industry with special emphasis on the onion and garlic production and their export potential. The study also covered the issues involved in increasing the exports of these commodities into non-traditional markets. Setting up dehydration facilities for increasing exports into European and American markets was the major objective in conducting the study.

· Continuing Study of Amines based Specialty Chemicals Manufacture

· Lubricating Base Oil Study

- Indian lube base stocks market study. Assessment of the current base stock production capabilities and expansion plans.

· Lube Additives

- Chemie search carried out a market research study of the chemicals used as lubricating oil additives in India.

· Water Treatment Chemicals Market

- A study of the domestic Water treatment equipment and chemical manufacturers covering the large, medium and small sectors. The distribution and sales networks of companies was also studied.

· Refrigerant Gases Phase out Study

- Under the Montreal Protocol Treaty, the Government of India has undertaken to phase out the manufacture of refrigerant gases. Multi lateral funding agencies including the World Bank had commissioned a leading US based consulting firm to undertake a techno-economic audit of the refrigerant gases manufacturing plants in India with regard to the extent of changes required for compliance with the Montreal Protocol Treaty. Chemie Search staff was part of the American team and had visited all the Indian manufacturing facilities.

· Specialty Chemicals for Pharmaceutical intermediates

- On behalf of a Zurich based chemical industry and management firm, carried out a comprehensive market survey to assess the demand and usage pattern for specialty chemicals, alkyl orthoformates. Work involved extensive field visits to existing and potential users' offices, telephone interviews and in-house desk research.

· Downstream Sector Review

- On behalf of a Paris and Washington DC based global energy consulting firm, reviewed the Indian downstream sector following the deregulation of the oil sector since April 2002. The review examined the strategies being adopted by the public oil sector firms in the changed scenario.

· Study of Business opportunities for Consulting in the Downstream Energy sectors

- Deregulation of the oil and gas sectors, as well as privatization of the public sector companies has increased competition. Chemie Search studied new business opportunities in the sector on behalf of a global consulting firm.

· Privatization issues in the Indian Oil and Gas sector

- For a major global consulting firm prepared a strategic note on the privatization of two oil public sector companies. The note examined various issues relating to the government policies, likely responses from the private sector in India, the oil multi national companies, labor unions and other groups interested in the subject.

· Techno Economic Audit of CTC Manufacture

- Under the Montreal Protocol, manufacture of Carbon Tetra Chloride (CTC) is to be controlled and regulated. In this connection, under an assignment from the Multi Lateral Fund, Chemie Search along with a senior member of a US based consulting firm, undertook a techno-economic audit of all the CTC manufacturers in India. The assignment included visits to the manufacturing facilities of all the companies, present and past, producing CTC, interaction with the representatives of the Chloro Methanes Manufacturers' Association of India and with the officials of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India, Ozone Cell.

Mr. Vasant Lambu received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Mumbai, and obtained his Master of Science in chemical engineering in the U.S.A. He is widely traveled in India and is an associate member of the Indian Chemical Manufacturers Association.

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