Dr. Walter Sedriks, Principal Consultant at EnerChemTek, Inc., has more than 20 years of experience helping major corporations in their strategic planning, primarily in the areas of economic and technology evaluation and competitor analysis. He currently specializes in analysis of industry cost structure and trends, price and margin projection, and economic evaluation of ventures.

As a former SRIC Director, Dr. Sedriks led and participated in a wide variety of projects and programs serving clients in the chemical industry, for example:

· Developed the framework that SRI uses to project petrochemical prices and industry cycles, and applied it in several major feasibility studies and asset evaluations (e.g., for ethylene "time shares" and petrochemical complex privatizations that led to successful auctions for assets of several $100 million)

· Led the benchmarking of strategic planning tools and practices for a major petrochemical producer that helped both the primary client and several of the participants to revamp their planning practices

·Led feasibility studies for major petrochemical complexes in the Far East and Latin America

· Assessed the advantages of vertical integration and defined the optimum corporate perimeter for a major petrochemical privatization candidate

·Designed and assisted in implementation of models for transfer pricing of petrochemical feedstocks and products for a major player in the Far East

· Developed and directed SRI's Petrochemicals Supply Curve Program (S-CURVE): A pioneering plant-by-plant analysis of production costs worldwide for ethylene and derivatives that provided a key competitor analysis data base for major industry players

· Directed SRI's Process Economics Program (1977-80): An ongoing series of studies on technology and economics of chemical processes that is the preeminent technoeconomic knowledge base used by clients world wide in R&D evaluation and strategic planning.

Dr. Sedriks is in demand as a commentator on industry trends and has given presentations at a variety industry forums (e.g., APLA & ASOQUIM, Schroeder-Wertheim Chemical Conference, Stone & Webster Licensees Forum). His publications include a series of reports for SRI's Process Economics Program on developing technologies and industry trends, as well as seminal articles on price projection, petrochemical cycles, and petrochemical industry drivers (Chemical Engineering Progress, October 1993; Hydrocarbon Processing, March 1994; CHEMTECH, November 1995, Scenario & Strategy Planning, October/November 1999, Oil & Gas Journal).

His industry background includes 10 years with Shell Development Company and Air Products (UK), covering process development, design and start-up and process evaluation. He was educated in the UK, receiving his undergraduate training in chemical engineering at Imperial College, London, and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering at Pembroke College, Cambridge. In addition he studied business administration at the London School of Economics.

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