Dr. Bill Schumacher, Principal Consultant at EnerChemTek, Inc., has conducted a wide variety of planning, competitive assessment, and feasibility studies in the areas of petrochemicals, industrial development, and energy during almost 30 years. At SRIC, Dr. Bill Schumacher was one of the most experienced managers of large, multidisciplinary, international projects. Representative engagements at SRIC for which he served as project leader include:

· Restructuring of Mexico's petrochemical industry

· Planning and restructuring of Zambia's copper industry

· Feasibility of petrochemical production in Colombia and Nigeria

· Assessment of a Latin American oil company's refining organization, R&D programs, capital projects management, and environmental management practices

· Development of a strategy for promoting chemical industry investment in Victoria, Australia

· Competitive assessment of the downstream operations of selected oil companies

· Development of an energy supply strategy for a cement company in Latin America

· Evaluation of potential technical support partners for a national oil company in Southeast Asia

· Identification and evaluation of chemical export opportunities in Indonesia

· Energy resource management in Western Australia

· Development of a long-range national energy plan for Iran

Bill holds bachelor's and doctorate degrees in chemical engineering from Cornell University, and has taught chemical engineering at Stanford University and the National University of Trujillo (Peru). He is fluent in Spanish.

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: +1.416.232.0320

Office Location: San Francisco Bay Area

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