All our experts are well-respected leaders in their fields of specialization.

In brief our organization is about people:

• Generating unique ideas
• Transforming ideas into insights
• Exploiting ideas that might shape the future energy, chemicals, and advanced materials industries
• Developing innovative solutions with our partners and clients
• Adding meaningful value to our customer's activities
• Helping our clients address their critical technology, strategy, and innovation challenges
• Building and maintaining trusted relationships with partners and clients

Click on the links below and you will find our consultant's biographies and contact information.

 arrow2 Mauricio Davila, Ph.D.
 arrow2 Mario Morfin, PH.D.
 arrow2 M.D., Ph.D.
 arrow2 Bill Schumacher, Ph.D.
 arrow2 A. D.
 arrow2 Walter Sedriks, Ph.D.
 arrow2 Laszlo Somogyi, Ph.D.
 arrow2 Donald H. Lauriente
 arrow2 Ken Sinclair
 arrow2 BB Davila
 arrow2 Antoine Despotakis, Ph.D.
 arrow2 Oliver Yu, Ph.D.
 arrow2 Alex Sanchez, Ph.D.
 arrow2 Robert M. Cutler, Ph.D
 arrow2 Vasant Lambu
 arrow2 R.D., MSc
arrow2 Gerardo Noriega

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