By leveraging our large data bases, broad information sources and extensive international network of industry consultants, we are positioned ahead of the competition to advise clients involved in the energy and chemicals value chain, through specific, customized assignments, on issues related to technology and economics, financial analysis, market analysis, policy analysis and legislation, strategic planning and business development, environmental aspects, and alliances, mergers & acquisitions.

Our services are based on years of consulting experience in technology and energy/chemical management consulting, combined with extensive industrial experience and the international coverage required by global industries.

Our professionals listen to the client, think independently, integrate analyses, and deliver critical insights. Our clients get specific expertise applied to their needs at competitive professional charges with minimal overheads and fixed costs.

The core values and principles that guide our work activities include:

·         Integrity: we act with honesty and professionalism holding high ethic standards of conduct 

·         Quality: our work, research and advise are guided by the highest standards as we strive to deliver the most value to our clients

·         Dependability: we strive to become responsible and trustworthy advisors to our clients 

·         Accountability: we assume and acknowledge responsibility for all our actions, products and decisions

·         Confidentiality: we always keep our clients' sensitive information confidential

Our service offerings are organized into broad categories relating to our industry and business function expertise

Technology and economics

·    Energy

      –   Techno-economic analysis of new energy technologies, market potential, competition, corporate R&D

        –     Insight development for technology planning

        –     Integrated energy-economy analysis for R&D planning, energy project evaluations

        –     Critical analysis of future energy scenarios and technology transition paths

        –     Analysis of non-conventional energy supply economics and future market competition

        –     Advising manufacturing firms on future energy-economy interactions and business impacts

        –     Client-focused energy and technology ‘insight-briefs’

·    Petrochemicals

    –   Strategic interpretation of technology for the plastics industries

    –    Polyolefin manufacturing and technology: specifically the relationships between     catalyst/process combinations and the structures, properties, applications, markets and costs of polymers produced

    –     Insights into the role of technology and its exploitation in the achievement of competitive advantage in the marketplace

Market analysis

·     Critical analysis of pricing drivers and dynamics

·         Product appraisal

·         Competitor profiles and analysis

·         Industry structure economics

·         Technology penetration analysis

·         Market entry studies and strategies

·         Consumer segments

·         Supply/demand balances

     –     Country/region/world

·         Competition and global trade

·         Production capacity

·         Operating rates

Financial analysis

·      Financial modeling and forecasting

·      Alliances, mergers & acquisitions

   –     Mergers and acquisitions evaluation

·      JV partners identification & evaluation

·      Assessment of capital formation risks and project finance strategies

  –     Services for lenders, investors, and suppliers

  –     Project finance due diligence

·         Divestiture assessment

·         Capitalization planning

·         Privatization assessment and support

·         Asset valuation

·         Feasibility studies

Strategic planning and business development

·      Strategy development and technology exploitation in the polymers and plastics industry

·      R&D portfolio analysis

·         New product development and management

·         Capital expenditure plans

·         Technology investment decisions

·         Sales and marketing strategies

·         Entry studies/strategies

Policy analysis and legislation

•     Regulations and competitive advantage

•     Policy trends

•     Deregulation/re-regulation

–     Impact on new investments, infrastructure, prices and margins

•     Pricing policies

•     Taxation—direct and indirect

•     Fiscal regimes, energy investments, and national economies

Environmental aspects

  • Environmental policies and regulations


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