By leveraging our large data bases, broad information sources and extensive international network of industry consultants, we are positioned ahead of the competition to advise clients involved in the energy and chemicals value chain, through specific, customized assignments, on issues related to:

·         Technology and economics

·         Market analysis

·         Financial analysis

·         Alliances, mergers & acquisitions

·         Strategic planning and business development

·         Policy analysis and legislation

·         Environmental aspects

Our services are based on years of consulting experience in technology and energy/chemical management consulting, combined with extensive industrial experience and the international coverage required by global industries.

The advantages of our operating model include integrity, quality, dependability, and accountability. Our professionals listen to the client, think independently, integrate analyses, and deliver critical insights.

Our clients get specific expertise applied to their needs at competitive professional charges with minimal overheads and fixed costs. Our service offerings are organized into two broad categories relating to our industry and business function expertise.

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