EnerChemTek Analytics

A Comprehensive Resource for Stakeholders in The Polyolefin Value Chain

EnerChemTek Analytics (ECT Analytics) is a web-based platform that complements our ongoing services to the global petrochemical and polymer industries. Launched initially with a focus on the polyolefins industry, ECT Analytics provides on-line access for subscribers to our industry databases and associated techno-economic, market and competition models.

The distinguishing feature of ECT Analytics is its focus on technology and the role that technology plays in defining the industry competitive environment, as well as market growth and differentiation. It provides detailed insights into the structure of supply and demand, costs, prices and profitability, plant capacities, ownership, locations, processes, catalysts and plant configurations, all on a global basis.

The service assists business managers, strategic planners, research & technology directors, industry analysts, investors, suppliers to the industry and other stakeholders in making better decisions based on a more detailed knowledge foundation.

For more than three decades, EnerChemTek consultants have followed developments in the world polyolefin industries - the polyethylene & polypropylene industries – covering the full value chain from monomers through to finished polymers and converted plastic products. Throughout this extended period, we built detailed historical databases on, and projections for the industry, and developed proprietary models and systems that describe industry characteristics and competitor behavior. These are used to provide critical thinking and insights into the main drivers impacting the global polyolefins industry, monitoring industry trends and changes, and evaluating the role of technology and its exploitation in the achievement of competitive advantage.

With the advent of ECT Analytics, we are now able to provide clients with access to our databases and specialized industry models so that they may:

·         Manipulate databases to display desired information in tabular & graphical format
·         View production capacity detail and  supply/demand balances & trends
·         Calculate inputs, outputs, costs, prices & profitabilities for any selected set of industry players under standard (or tailored) scenario conditions
·         Compare specific plants and competitors
·         Analyze and compare capacity ownership
·         Analyze catalyst demand and supply structures
·         Manipulate economic and other input data to evaluate scenarios of interest to them
·         Download results to Excel® spreadsheets and/or PowerPoint® documents

Background to the development of ECT Analytics:

When it comes to polyolefins, technology is at the heart of everything we do at EnerChemTek. Technology inspires innovation, enables new product and application development, drives market growth, and supports differentiation and the achievement of competitive advantage.

For this reason, our data-bases, industry models and analysis tools are technology centric and provide more detailed and meaningful insights to the industry in all aspects of the value chain, from monomers down to converted products.

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